Hey there, I'm Kate!

I’m happy you found Fresh Cooked Fun.   I’m building a home for all of my favorite recipes, gardening adventures and more.  
I love growing tomatoes, smoking on my pellet grill, and traveling the world tasting new foods and drinks.



My cat Arya.

I live in Michigan with my husband Allan and Arya our cat.  We’re both in the auto industry, and both partake in cooking and gardening.   Arya can most often be found observing and judging from a distance.  

We’ve gardened together for almost 10 years, and I’ll never stop being excited to turn harvested vegetables into delicious meals.  Every year we harvest 50-70 quarts of tomatoes, freeze several gallons of berries, ferment our own sauerkraut, and fill jars of smoked tomatillo sauce.

Smoking with my pellet grill is another hobby of ours.    Its extremely easy to create fun smokey meals.   From smoked tomatoes, to green enchilada sauce, to smoked queso and all manner of smoked meats, I’m exited to share my passion with you.

garden harvest of cabbage, yellow squash, and cucumbers

Feel free to say hello by reaching out  to hello@freshcookedfun.com